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Everything that was built 50 years ago was done with precision and a unique character. Today we still use many of the same components and infrastructure as we did back then, but with a fresh understanding and application.

We wanted to make a “swiss army knife” of classic overdrive and put it in a small box, with locking Knob Stops to hold onto any sweet spot we would find while playing. It is truly versatile, but truly simple. The Fab Suisse is an old, yet precise Marshall circuit with a new face. Although, we can get technical about the circuit we are using, we think it sings for itself. We are proud to have produced a delay, distortion, and overdrive pedal that will continue to stand the test of time. This is our future classic.

Technically speaking, the circuit is a classical Marshal Blues Breaker circuit as the foundation, with added LED clipping mode similar to the classic Turbo Rat circuit and a super transparent op amp boost that breaks up, but keeps the true tone of the guitar and amplifier. All of these modes are easily selected with the 3 way toggle located on top. This pedal is not designed to give lots of extra headroom. It is a classic circuit setup which encourages the player to set the level to the max. This breaker fits gorgeously with multiple instruments - from bass distortion to piano effects and beyond.

Warning, this pedal gets Loud.

3 Toggle Options:

Left: Hard clipping
Middle: Boost mode (op amp clipping)
Right: Soft clipping