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When you choose an instrument, you are choosing to display your music through someone else’s creation. That’s why we are adamant about how we play and what gear we play through.

The Bloomery volume pedal is our creation. We believe it to be the best expression pedal on the market for professional musicians who understand the importance of versatility through simplicity.

We have worked tirelessly to design a uniquely large sweep range in a small, solid steel footprint. We have included all of the bare essential features like tuner out, dual buffer active circuitry and even the ability to tension the top-plate of the Bloomery. These components allow us to set the feel of our VP that is truly like no other. This mini volume pedal looks and feels great on any pedal board.

We play, it fits us. And we believe it will fit you too.

Active Volume Pedal: 

- Adjustable tension for pedal-top 

- Large volume travel movement 

- No string 

- Tuner out 

- Solid steel construction 

- Dual buffer (no tone suck) 

- 20mA center negative 9v 2.1mm power (standard) 

- Optional Tapestry grip pad included 

- 7.8" x 2.25" 

- 3.0 lbs 

- Uses slide potentiometer shaft drive